Faith 101

At every moment of our lives we are either walking by faith or by sight.

Our faith is the vehicle that brings God into our circumstances. Example: your faith in what Jesus has done for you is what brought God into your circumstances initially to save you. Meaning, that’s how you got saved: you used faith to believe Jesus exists, died, paid the penalty for your sin.

Every believer has been given the measure of faith. So, you don’t need more faith just like you don’t need more muscles. What you may need, however, is to build your faith up so that it becomes strong. How does one do that? In the same way we build our muscles up: by working them. Use your faith in God on a regular basis and it will grow strong and big.

How do we build or strengthen our faith? Mainly, by believing a promise in the Bible over what you currently see manifested in your life. Case Study: when I was a child I was bullied (in my mind severely). One day I was reading in Psalms in the Bible. I read a verse that said "I will make your enemy your footstool." I knew God was speaking to me about my bullying situation. I chose to believe that Scripture over what I was currently experiencing. By the time I entered high school that promise had manifested. That’s how I used my faith.