Straight from the A…..theist!

I’m sure we all know people who are not only unsaved, but are anti-God, anti-Christian, can’t stand the Word, and can’t stand you! Well, here’s a testimony of a man in Birmingham, AL like that. His name is Brian. Actually, he’s just been born again, so he’s not like that anymore. He gives good insight as to why non believers respond the way they do to Christians. I love hearing his testimony because it let’s me know that even my peers who currently despise God, can be undone through God’s Love. Notice, I didn’t say God’s rage, anger, or wrath. It’s through His love that He chases us down and draws us near. Listen to his pre-christian and post-christian experience here: Brian Noble’s Testimony from Bham AL

Maybe you know someone like Brian, or you are like that yourself, either way, God can soften all hearts towards Him. In a book of the Bible named Ezekiel, God takes literal dry bones from a valley and breathes life into them in response to a prophet praying for them. Maybe you have some dry bones in your family or you are dry bones yourself. Well, guess what. Even if you hate God, with your permission, He will take your dry bones and give life to them. He will take your heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh. So, the next time you’re around some dry bones, just say, “I believe even these bones can live!”

Remember, no one is a lost cause. And if you know someone who is, Jesus died for them too.

How did you feel about God before getting saved? If you’re not saved, how can you relate to Brian?