The Strength of Fear

I would make more progress if I wasn’t afraid.

Fear literally holds us back. Do you have things that you’re praying for or believing to accomplish? For many of us we’ve had the same goals for years. If it seems you’re not making progress, check your fear level. So far it has taken me 5 days to invite a co-worker to church. I had planned to ask them on last Friday, not its a week later on Thursday. I even saw them on during the weekend! What’s the delay? My fears.

The Bible teaches us that fear is a spirit. Its an unclean spirit that we can take authority over and cast out. "Fear, I command you to go in the name of Jesus!" We also know that fear is a feeling. And the only way to dissipate that feeling is to do what we’re afraid to do.

Do what you’ve been afraid to do today!

What fears are holding you back?