Speaking in Tongues – Real or Fake?

Okay, so the first time I heard people speaking in tongues in was in a church service. It was my first time visiting this non-denominational church. (I grew up going to a church that spoke against the idea of speaking in tongues -but I always kept an open mind about it since I didn’t know what it was). I 100% believed it was fake at the time it was occuring. It sounded like some African-type language. I reasoned that maybe the pastor met with a group of members before service and told them to speak in a freaky language during church service to convince us of God’s power. However, now I am on the other side of that experience, as I now speak in tongues as a result of being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Before being baptized with the Holy Spirit I tried to duplicate what those “tongue talkers” were doing, but it was impossible. I couldn’t do it! I remember trying to speak jibbersih really fast. Couldn’t do it. After being baptized with the Holy Spirit, this language just flowed out of me.

From my personal experience, I can say that this is a genuine experience that God has for His children.

What’s your experience of Speaking in Tongues?